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by Tcha T
Greetings, bredren and sistren...who is a typical reggae fan depends on which area of the world one's dealing with.This information highway is ever expanding and intercrossing, bringing faraway ideas and cultures closer together. Because of the solid lyrical foundations laid by the precursors, we find today many world conscious folks at the helm of the support base of this artform. A reggae fan seeks to incorporate positive riddims and lyrics into everyday life. Most find the situation lived to be close to what's chanted at some particular point.Inspiration and strength does flow from the spirit of reggae music. In today's world where goods are marketed and imposed as reggae related, it can be sometimes difficult to know what is what. The reggae "fan" knows the vibes abd will surely see thru those that just seem to be but are not the real thing. Fans of reggae tend to share views similar with those held by the makers of the music itself. Chanting the positive lyrics daily becomes by itself a healing process for the inner self.... a firm assertion that no matter whatever, JAH is always there....just that we tend to forget sometimes, and have to be reminded by the sweet sounds of reggae.

by Ari Ree

Yes is a fact. More and more ears are getting tuned to the mystic sound of DUB. Dee Jays have since long extracted the living daylights from any version you can imagine...and literally toast their way through to the end...only to come again. Those who know the vibes know the vibes, but to all those who may be wondering what you've been missing, I'll tell you that it's quite a lot. Nowadays soundsystems headline major gatherings, and have full status as "performing" ensembles. A look into anywhere will reveal that there are more systems than bands or groups. It's come down to the point where two laptops can blow the roof away while the mikeman just upfront dishing it to the crowd. Studio dubbers abound, but few have mastered how to do it in a live setting...hands must be quick, and the creative process must be just right.
Yes , greetings to one and all...lotsa tings going on in the real world and also in the one that people spend lots of time nowadays...cyberworld...or infront the PC and always checking something online....the good and not so good side of the net is known or at least suspected by most of us, but we still log scene, doh log off because I start so. This issue of the vibes will touch some familiar topics...reggae here in Germany and other things like ital food.This year was special here in Berlin. Football took over the vibes during summer and lots of visitors were seen taking in the vibes. Musically it was set up to expose the already big boys to the crowds. Big stage and big sound too. In the end everybody pack up and go home but the local vibes continue. Soundbwoys never stop blasting in spite of whoever won the cup.There was this fear that bad boys would fight during the games but no such thing was ever reported. The so called "no go areas" got an appropriate response from YAAM who instantly declared itself a "go area"...well the crowds garvitated to there....the homebase of Berlin's sound dub and reggae movement.The vibes was indeed nice over there...artists from outta Berlin made frequent appearances intermingled with local Berlin outfits. The wider public finally had a chance to check the boys from "West" who are generally heard about on Riddim magazine or online music portals.The German reggaeband phenomenon has been around for quite some time, but things have taken a giant step forward recently. Name changes always add to the confusion when trying to find out who plays in which band or who are the members of the/a so called "new hot band" that has somehow miraculously surfaced and causing lots of stir.Some have already achieved headliner status for the bigger festivals, so that may already be an indication. We sent out ace reporter Touloulou to obtain an interview from Ras Perez in Berlin and we will present an excerpt from their ramblings. Early Rootical readers will recall the first interview done some years ago and readable in a past volume.


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Ras Perez


Tcha T; Ari Ree,
Dr. O.T. Yozott
Touloulou,Ras Zékal

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by Dr. O.T. Yozott

Yes man, sometimes man feeling hungry and would like to yam a nice braff or porra, but living inna city has lots of dis and advantages when it comes to getting ready to take in a nice ital to keep the structure upright.First of all, people may find it hard to imagine that is can be sometimes easier to pick and choose whatever and have it inside the same day. O.K. the "ital" here travel far so they are not fresh. Most have 'nuff chems to protect or make stay looking fresh and lively for a longer period etc etc.. The availability here is instant and constant whereas in rootsland, everything has to flow with the riddim of nature. A few African and Asian owned shops offer some plantains green bananas, yams and other roots a slightly elevated cost....considering the backhome scene.....An alternative is to check Ras Eugene's creole setup on the Winterfeld Market in Schöneberg every Saturday. Ital from the French Caribbean islands make their way here through Paris....a richer palette of exotic products on offer,,,,,cocoa sticks, breadfruit and other rare tropical foods and preparations. So the next time man feeling pekkish, is to check the Afro and Asian shops for Dasheen and Yams,then check Ras for the rest. Bon apétit.

Yes mi idren, it just like keeps on growing with no end in sight. Years ago, one could have counted the number on one hand. Today the boys are begining to make their mark in the reggae musical landscape. The good vibes is also that it is scattered all over the country and not just limited to one area or section. Long ago the scene used to be that the frontman is a bredda from Africa of the Caribbean and the others would be the locals earger and ready to supply backup riddim and general crucial help in the direction of promotion and publicity. Today most of the bands are either strictly german people, or a real mix up with anybody from anywhere. Not that it matters one bit, since music is played with heart and hand...and most musicians possess these. To make a list would be pointlesss but those in the know must surely be aware of names like the Far East Band and/or Dr.Ring Ding. Respect and big up to the German bredrens and sistrens who have taken up the reggae mantle and are out there creating conscious vibes to help further humanity's upliftment.I have personally seen a good number of "all german" reggae bands perform and can safely say that they are definitly worth their "salt" and do not depend on any superflous hype to assert their works. After checking a cross section of "German Reggae Bands", it is now clear that they are here, and are here to stay.

by Ras Zékal



In youth we learn; in age we understand.
Marie Ebner von Eschenbach

If you get up and quarell everyday, you're saying prayers to the devil I say .
Bob Marley

If you have a talent, use it in every which way possible. Don't hoard it. Don't dole it out like a miser. Spend it lavishly like a millionaire intent on going broke.
Brendan Francis

The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out. Every mind is a building filled with archaic furniture. Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.
Dee Hock


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Yo....sometimes after reading about this is certain music magazines and portals, it would seem as though the place is blazing away with action left right and centre. Sound by there, sound over there...every week a "new" name system comes up and they just dub away until we hear of the latest rehashed...but to come back to reality, the reggae scene here is scattered all over with no set location or venue where the vibes just grow and grow....well, is Hoppetose on Mondays, lazy Tuesdays in the Fraystil...Wednesdays and Thursdays will not disappoint at Yaam, and the weekend starts again.. Live vibes are limited to when "outsiders" come in, or something is organised in the small smoke-filled clubs where complaints about money, PA size and other technical stuff come into play. On the recording side of things,the latest release to hit the street comes from Paul St.Hilaire known to us as Tikiman. ADSOM (A Divine State of Mind) continues with Tiki's special vibe that began to take hold since his former CD "UNSPECIFIED". Real cool music..Guest appearances are by other local names like Ras Donovan playing guitar on "Black Moses", and Ras Perez and "Foo" Fanick respectively playing extra organ and percussion on "Jah won't let us down". A real treat. Quality and performance go hand in hand here. Check out and log in to get a copy while you can. PANJAH MUSIC has also come out with a full catalog of songs from Ras Perez. Six CDs are now available including the latest "WHODOHKNOW". Soon to be released is "WIDDA LIKKLE SMILE", recorded in studio with the Reggae Ambassadubs. Looks like the coming new year will be filled with vibes from Berlin's creative artists.
TOULOULOU interviews Ras Perez

TLL: Hello are you? long time no see on them heights, we meet sometimes otherwise, but....
Ras P: Yes I man Toulu...greetings. I cool y'know...come in and set up your equipment for us to start the talk.
TLL: O.K. so I'll just plug into the current...everything well set up...( I must say here that the interview is being videorecorded, so I had to check my camera foucus etc..) just a few last minute adjustments, and then everything is o.k.
Ras P: What you have now? Last time you had a small tape, but now you recording everything through your handy or what?
TLL: No it's just a small digicam that makes videos too... cool 'ting.
Ras P: Yes man, the smaller the seems nowadays.
TLL: check.. check..test... test...
Ras P:Garson stop checktesting and let us start non?!?
TLL: o.k. we rolling..
Ras P: shoot...
TLL: So yes my first question is what in your opinion has and has not changed for you and your music, since the last interview donkey years ago.
Ras P: Well yes everything change, but nothing really moved on. On the outside I see lots of differences as compared to yesterdonkey year, but inside remains constant.
TLL: What do you mean by that?
Ras P: What I mean depends on what anyone can perceive as change. If I dress up like Lone Ranger and you meet me somewhere unexpected, you would hardly recognise me. All I did was change my clothes.
TLL: Kind of hard to fathom.
Ras P: Let's just say that everything has changed but nothing has really changed.
TLL: Isn't that a contradiction in itself?
Ras P: Do you want a concrete example?
TLL: If it helps clear everything up.
Ras P: For example the way music is being made sold and/or produced is not the same as before, but with all the new tools, computer expertise. internet and what have you, life has not become more exciting or meaningful for most people.
TLL: So what should be done? and by whom?
Ras P: Everbody can and should work out whatever his/her contribution to betterness can be....but life itself is so contradictory sometimes, it is almost impossible to ask people to "play" a part and not to expect some kind of game to emerge.
TLL: It's still a little heavy for the average mind to grasp.
Ras P: No man...humans instinctively know good from bad, right from wrong and justice from injustice. just that when one is led all along to believe certain things, it's hard to even think that reasonable alternatives exist.
TLL: So do you mean that belief systems...religions...should fix the world, or that they are part of or the cause of the world's problems?
Ras P: I don't know if it's religions, but the mental makeup of the individual determines the final outcome. People should be trained to think for themselves and properly.
TLL: You mentioned the internet a while ago.There was no such thing when we made the last interview. What's your opinion regarding they call it?....Information Superhighway. I know you have a website.
Ras P: (chuckles)....inside the internet,nothing fishy, but lots of mice!!anyway hah ha ha I don't think that anyone knows where that superoad is going to lead to....too much everything...all kinds of news and views just bombarding...still it's a good way for authorities to check people...they can read e-mails easier compared to the problem of having to open physical while we free to connect to our bredrens and sistrens and let them see our videos or hear our songs, we must always remember that there are those who use the net for nefarious purposes....instructions to promote destruction and these kinda things...but like I said, it's up to the upper boys to do their work and let peaceful loving people enjoy their cyberworld.
TLL: Why do you have a website?
Ras P: What kind of question is that now?
TLL: Because everbody has one?
Ras P: Everybody doh have one and some people have more than what?
TLL: You sounding vex.
Ras P: You looking confused...come up with some good questions or let me just comment. You didn't prepare, or you too stoned?
TLL: Nah man, I just trying to make the interview differentish...not the same old questions that journalists learn to ask.
Ras P: Any other good questions?
TLL: Yes...tell me something about Dominica today...what are your connections...and...Dominica and Grand Bay.
Ras P: Well...since is long time I an' I been physically there, I can only tell you about the news I get from the web.So as you know, they had a selection down there...
TLL: You mean election?
Ras P: What's the difference?
TLL: o.k ...o.k. go on...
Ras P: Yes...they voted, and the government is there until 2010. Lots of bobol as far as I read from both sides of the party lines. One accusing the other of incompetence...since is online, everything goes...Lots of folks have moved to foreign lands and just come down for Creole Festival or Xmas or Carnival...and they fly back and come again for the next "fete" within a six month period.
TLL: Are you planning to go down?
Ras P: Wise men always think about moving upward, but next year could see me in Grand Bay.
TLL: Holiday stay or long term?
Ras P: That depends on a lot of things.Business and Finance are on top of the list, but it's alaways better to check first and decide later.
TLL: What about the DA bredren Berlin...are you guys playing together or do you have some kind of project working upon?
Ras P: All the Sout' men here cool, but to speak the truth, there is nothing going on as current project between the I an dem.The vibes are o.k. but it's like boys doing their thing....we meet sometimes, but it's not at the point where we have something definitely working upon.
TLL: Why?
Ras P: Any amount of reasons, but it comes down to time. If it ain't the time yet, then so be it.
TLL: Do you think that sometime soon, you all will get together and do something for yourselves,the public, DA, Sout'?
Ras P: I am always optimistic about such realisations...only JAH knows what was, is and will come.
TLL: We make a small pause?
Ras P: Yeah...leh we chill out a have wrappers?... be continued

Hi...this is the second time that I am going to interview Ras Perez. Lots of things have happened since our first meeting, so I am naturally excited to hear what he has to say today....what has happened or not? It is with great pleasure that I get my equipment ready to do just hang on we are almost ready...