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Yes me bredren and sistren, greetings in the name of JAH in these trying times we have to never lose sight of the fact that Almighty is still in control “ no matter what they try to do”. Serious conspiracies are in the making, and mankind will wake up one of these days and see and feel the “difference”.

Gone are the days when we used to be aware of the old hippie cry to make love and nothing else. Language has now been fine tuned into an art to convince the sceptical by concealing the essential. This science is widely used and abused by today’s politicians and of course the mass media. Knowledge and information have come to be just like other marketable products… to be bartered and/or sold for profit. All we are supposed to know are written or shown in exactly the same fashion everywhere. No one can escape the globalisation of everything  including  poverty and disease. Even the so called well to do countries are on the brink of drastic change…for the better or the worser, we seem to have a date with destiny coming up.

                      So what is the end game? No one knows for sure but one thing that’s certain is that the “entertainment” industry is just going to simply fade away  into oblivion .  No one to blame but all will see and suffer the consequences…massive de and revaluation of everything….talking about starting from scratch!! Madness has finally and formally entered the heads of the world’s power brokers and so the archaic idea that “ my enemy’s enemy is my friend” shines out in today’s so called modern “deep low” matic engagerie. It so turns out that the only drums that we are drilled to dance to these days are those set up by the warmongers we see on their tell lie vision almost everyday.

Here it now comes down to what conscious people can do to stop or prevent or whatever  to make sure that the word is safe…should ALL armies disarm? Why not? It looks like civil disobedience is not enough to sway elected officials especially when voting time is not around the corner. Since most people do not like to be confronted with kicks and batons, it is best to think out a strategy to nullify any plans to bring peace to the world through war. Yes, I think that the answer lies in the “thinking”. Maybe when we learn to direct our (pure) collective thoughts towards a genuine and natural purpose, then mother nature will respond in due time and with the appropriate “weaponry”. Earthquake, flood, volcano, hurricane or tornado, there are  forces of nature that we always tend to ignore or forget until the time comes when the Creator shows to men both great and small,who the BOSS really is.


Take it easy folks this is not like going back to the wild old west and bounty hunters and so on….no…I an I have long since noticed that there is a slowly but surely dying art of guitar playing, not necessarily familiar with these here regions. Since reggae became worldly popular and incorporated some heavy handed guitar a la Al or Junior, most people forgot that it was the " chapps" that really had the riddim going so that the boys could fly. Most people around here are not familiar with music from Haiti or local Guadeloupe or Dominica beats. With the evolution of sound and everything, this music came to be called Zouk in Guadeloupe and Martinique, Soca in Trinidad and Cadence in Dominica and some other islands. This type of music is made primarily to be danced to…at weekend fetes and parties. It is not music to be played "in concert". Chairs have to make way for the people to express themselves when a Soca Zouk or Cadence hit the floor. Musicians who play this style must be really good or else you have to go practice. It's never about the abilty to solo, but the feel of the riddim. Is not chap chap this time!!! Anyone who knows the old Groovers or the Exile Ones or the Tabou Combo hits will surely remember how the riddim just takes you off your feet into dance and expressionland. Most guitarists that I know in the world today (quite a few) just cannot come in and sit in on a session. You must be from DA or somewhere in the area to get it straight. The African brothers have it going in their own way but not with the same ease and swing of the tropical islanders. So, before this craft goes away and remains only as samples, I am urging many an aspiring guitar player to investigate and learn this secret art. It's not easy, but after a couple years, the joy of swinging to a Soca, Zouk, Cadence or however you will call it, will make one understand both guitar and culture…same instrument but different approach….

Dr. O.T Yozott



Editor & Publisher

Ras Perez


is a timely paper checking on reggae and related scenes in and around Berlin.

Contributors: Kabwitt, Dr.O.T. Yozott, Ras Zékal, Ari Ree

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Yes I, how are the vibes with the I an them all over? Over here inna Berlin things just the sameish kind of way if not getting more and more dull. The shows are advertised and then they are cancelled because of poor advance ticket sales. Plus there is a big army of mass distraction trying to keep us away from our dubbin' and just constantly be reminded of plans to make sure that gigs and nice entertainment just take a back seat to killing and spreading woe and misery to foreigners. People keep looking for the spot where there is supposed to be nice vibes and good live music even though the sound is not loud and heavy. Such places exist in the city but then the kinda music that's featured in the free jam sessions in and around Berlin leaves one to wonder where the real musicians are hiding. There's hardly a spot in town where roots music in any form is a sure thing on weekends. The clubs always make sure that the places are available for "concerts" any day of the week except Friday and Saturday so the aspiring bands always play to friends and people who do not necessarily have to go anywhere the next "working" day. So everything just topsy turvy and the people who look for the weekend action are left with what the DJs decide to hash out on that particular night. Sound Systems now outplay the bands in the city and no one can deny the "forcing" that has been employed to make sure that things remain so at least for now.

Ras Zékal


Yes I .... Greetings and hope that most if not all readers are really fed up with the way that the vibes of the world are moving towards in general. Sometimes it is hard to believe what all the media and their mediums are propagating. We have now gone almost back to cave man style days when the strongest boys just lick out the weaker and who vex might be next. And it's not just in political life that this struggle is being played out. Artists today have a hard time getting the proper space and time to be propagated while they look back and see industry "products" just flow off the shelves and devoured by the trained and controlled "sheeple". Sad but really true. Even the so called top hitters are having a heck of a time keeping up with the way independent people go about trying to run their own business and not having to live by the dictates of fat cats who only have one thing on their minds. Yes man, music is a business they say and if you want to be in the music business you have to get used to the idea that you are one of so many people who just sell what they have in order to make a good profit…. Guns alcohol or whatever kind of drugs (legal or not), in the end it's always to make a "profit". To sell anything you must have markets and they must be paying well too, or else it's just a waste of time. For a long time now is only office people who control artists' destinies, and that is very sad. Trying to break away from the established way brings on lots of hard and trying times to those who dare challenge the top seven. They used to say that if you can't beat 'em join 'em, but it's like jumping from the frying pan into the fire!! Which is better? To make matters even worse, lots of today's so called artists or acts only exist in recorded form and when the music is put to a live "test" the result is usually catastrophic. Good contax and nuff money flowing can get a product out to the public in a matter of record-breaking time. To get them to swing at the concert is something else…but the gate well full up and the shows are lined up so business rolling cool, or so they try to tell us. If a well signed and selling artist sells x million copies, the next time around, the "company" expects the sales to go over the last on and on to the eternity of billions …..And then what? Well it looks like when you get so popular on earth and sell and sell all over, the only next thing is to pass out and then the compilations and secret recordings start to surface and is more bucks to deal around the artist's "estate" as is known in legal terms. So in the end it looks like the best way is just to have a little fun on the instruments while we can and if there are friends present, it makes it even better. Selling "music"as a way of staying alive is surely one of the trickiest jobs on earth. The majority of earth's talented people are unknown to the masses and it is better so. The greats that we all get a chance to experience are but the chosen few who remind us that the joy we seek is in ourselves and that we have the ability to create our own little "heaven" irrespective of high flown technical and worldwide resources that are being and will always be misused by those in control.


" I am not a politician,
but suffer the consequences". Peter Tosh

"And Jesus sow his seed!!"
"Et Jézzi kood Gwènn lee!!"
A practical creole translation from a fired up religious zealot.

The world would be a much better place without Saddam Hussane (insane!!) Winston Blair

My music is not Reggae, it's"Eggae"!!! Lee Perry

Yes I, lots of people do not even think of it, but there are many folks who can only play a piece of music only when they have it written out in front of them in the form of scores or whatever. You can play the CD or cassette a hundred times over but they would rather have a lead sheet and then things would flow nicer. On the contrary there are too many individuals who only have to listen once and then…. presto…down the road we go. Bob Marley never wrote sheets of music but they have the songs selling as paper to those who cannot do it otherwise. So who are the "real" musicians? Or which is the real music? Or are both equally real? Well, it's hard to take a position on a subject as this because lots of people tend to defend their traditions heavily. If I would dare say something positive, it would be to notice that most "readers" …%age unsure, are usually those who are trained to interpret other people's vibes, whereas the others just ply ahead with whatever is available on hand and enter the realm of creating new things which can then be analysed and put together by the experts so that the readers can read and reach the fun that the original creator bypassed light years ago. Sad but true, this is the world of "readers" who can only relate to dots and marks on a piece of paper.

by Kabwitt


Like all world capitals, Berlin has its fair share of all what temporary western lifestyle has to offer…both the good and the not so good. When it comes to the region of Sound Systems and DJs, here is no exception except that all is done in Berlin's own way of doing things. Without having recourse to mentioning names and sending out big ups, it is enough to note that a high percentage of the turnouts at the Sounds are the youth between 16 and 21. More of the experienced are also present but the scene belongs to the beer drinking and spliff smoking teens who really dig more to the ragga
side than roots. Most selectaz in the city are into universal sounds and recently lots of soca and zouk have been added to many a Berlin DJ's palette to boost the crowd's energy. The sounds here fall into two distinct categories. Those run by the JA crew and the rest run by" it could be anyone else". Same problem again…every summer Sunday will see Yaam blasting and the people will eat and check the vibes but it's always the same sound and other DJs never really get a chance to warm up the positive reggae crowd that does turn up when the sun is hot and angry. Maybe things will change but as far as we can see, there seems to be no radical diversion in the thinking of those who control and set up the scene…too bad for the public, but it always comes down to making profits and not catering to the artistic appetites of masses who are only considered to be numbers expected to multiply to infinity. As Bob sang, "time alone WILL(I am)TELL" …I am sure that he was not referring to Bill's arrow shooting skills!!!!

Ari Ree



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