Roots Reggae Surviving in difficult times

Reggae and Rap...Black Musics, but......



The War on Poverty...awaiting a Declaration

Reggae Engineers, Technicians and Producers..a mental overview..

Roots Reggae,,,surviving in difficult times



Yes I... the vibes are back again...not that they ever were not there...only now visible and in live and living colour. Lots of things have been up during these past times and I an I here once again to put a perspective on things in a Reggae and Dub style. Lotsa new Probubtions coming from Berlin nowadays...main Producer ALDUBB seems to be hard to catch up with...release wise. One Drop studio is the place where things sre happenning. It's now the begining of summer and the crowds have been flocking to YAAM althogh the "official" opening is slated for the first of May....good sun, good music and irie vibes are the guidelines by which peeps are expected to live up to, once passing thru the gates. A full reoprt of this summer's activities will be available in an subsequent issue. In spite of all the news of finanacial gloom and doom fostered on us everyday by the media, there seems to be no short supply of roots reggae lovers and enjoyers. Sounds still fill to capacity, and artists are on their usual rounds. Last time I checked, all the major reggae festivals are slated to take place with "international" and "local" dubbers and chanters.

Worldwide CD sales are at an all time low and everybody is now on the downloadwagon. Another ripoff? some say yes some no. At any rate, we all know that Spacey an dem wipe out the idea of band websites, and everybody have to page up by Tommy or you just outta de scene. They are the final stone on the tomb of the long gone multi-big ones that used to have all the vibes under control.There still remains a lot to be done like getting people to hear the vibes over wide areas...still under their wings but I am sure that someday a relative of Thomas or anyone else will come up with the corresponding jinx that will send them reeling this time to the world of irrelevance.. where they really belong... Bless

Haddi S

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Ras Perez

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Greetings to all the readers of the Vibes....long time no see but all has been well and good with the I. Just need some time to reflect and take stock of things as they happen on the Berlin and Worldscape. Crisis seems to be the favourite excuse of a word used and abused by some order to justify greed and unfair play. No wonder that in spite of all what's said and done....the roots will continue to be watered by the meditations of I an' I....what's happening today has been sung about and predicted for quite some time now, but some were either too stoned to listen or taken aback by the riddim and forgot the essential message. Yes I things are hard but with all the hardness, if one can afford to put some seeds in the ground and come up with some knowow the rest....Lots of folks have now begun to see the reggae light....there has been a systematic shying away from lowgrade lyrical content to a surge in the search for music to elevate rather than denigrate. Every other individual in public has some kinda listening device attached and is constantly introspectively listening...the outside reality is too brazen and harsh....Time for positivism....Bling ain't mean a thing no mo'. When one thinks of the amount of times a song gets replayed from it's inception until the mix before the final mix...I wonder what kind of mind can endure the hundred plus hours of hearing the same uninspiring blabber....that is a feat by itself. Imagine being the engineer and having to listen all day scene because it's a work and the money will come in...."but"..... is a conjunction. So we'll have to just leave it there because we cannot change the world. At the same time, we see massive poverty elsewhere. Boys just spending(wasting) the dust and their family just on the other side starving...sad.

Reggae Engineers, Technicians and Producers..a mental overview..



Yo...everytime we take in a nice Dub, the mental state of the mixerman always comes into question... what was he thinking about when he did that? First of all,there is the concept that they must be real red to make this magic.In fact the magic really comes from the inspiration of JAH.Reggae is like no other music and so the people who create it must also be "special". In this discipline all "rules and regulations" concerning acoustics and recording must take a back seat and let the vibes of the Almighty one flow through the brains and fingers of his angels. All involved have this notion that it must meet the standards of what the Creator wants to hear and to be heard. During live performances, those close to the soundman are always aware of his importance and look interestingly while controls are flicked and cosmic sounds emerge from up front. What would a reggae concert be without the crackling snare and deep water reverbs for chapps and piano.

I remember a well known artist playing live in Berlin and the dubs were coming in hot....a "fan" stopped by to say hi to the Prof, so he just stopped for half a minute and responded....I saw everything, and for the 40 or so seconds he was returning the greetings, Robotiks was sounding like any other band on stage...."nice to see you..bye.."...back at the controls and is fire and brimstone again...yes I, respect to you Neal. However there still exists the type that "knows it all". He'll begin by saying in how many famous studios he has worked, how many "hit" songs he was involved in...bla bla bla. I an' I just check these guys like the opposite side of a flipping coin...they dunno their heads from their tails!

Maximum respect must go out to all the early dubbers who with minmum tools worked their way thru the maze of the vibes are in another mode...cut paste mix and clone now form part of the daily vocab of many a reggae and dub engineer...and not just the "professionals"...lots of magic, concocted in bed or living rooms can be heard and experienced today....anyone with basic knowledge and patience can remain at home and re-live the mental experience that the called ones still go through.


Reggae and Rap...Black Musics, but....



Well...bless up massives...Every conscious being will have to agree that recently, social commentary through artistic expression took a turn for the lows....lotsa people just decided that it was so much easier to earn a quick buck by just making "what sells"...the result is that lots of us just have to stand there shamefully while the nastiness gets maximum airplay and good stuff just remains underground. There used to be a time when the crooners would belt out lyrics that spoke of the thing called love and those who refer to as women. I doh even want to quote them here but I rermember a song called "ain't no woman like the one I've got" the O'Jays I think....the rap version ....much scruffier voice...."ain't no b****es like the ones I got"...way papa....But they say it sellin'....and the not so funny thing about that is the fact that black women will wine and shake to it..with the eternal excuse..."he's not referring to me". So here we have it. Others going down to the depths of pure consciousness to come up with an uplifting vibe and on the other side is pure babylonia.

Anyway,this is by no means a judgement on the style or artists...many of them joined Christian to get away from the heat of the "movement".The ones who make an effort to come positive in the genre are left high and dry with little or no chance to go as far and wide as "the others". Some before have tried to incorporate roots riddims with their nonsensical pornophonic lyrics, but it never got hold...all the people cannot be fooled all the time....Most of the times, part of the problem is that the words go by so quickly that nothing is overstood....Bla Bla Bla and it may spend some time on the word that needs to be remembered...usually the songtitle. But they say is dat dat sellin'....

In the end what's to be must be, but a little effort would make a grand difference... already, there is a generation coming up that knows no history of it's past...just passing fads for the day or week or month....the blowback will be crucial because it will be back to original reality and those further away from their roots will have it the hardest...the signs are out there but the well ain't dry up yet...when it does, the water will be missed and those who know how to "make rain fall" will be the heroes of the day. Perpetuating the descent into depravity is not really a good thing for someone who deserves to be known as an "artist" or "musician" to all foul-mouthed "raphopers" ...JAH say to come clean and use your talents to spread loving vibes and niceness all over....we've been down for too long.Now's the time for moving up. Selah

Gwenn D

The War on Poverty...awaiting a Declaration



Greetings...lots of folks have heard about a ghetto, but I wonder how many of you have actually walked through a "ghetto". Those who know know, but if it's only through videos and songs that this place is known...something is missing. Certain vibes cannot today be recorded by man made equipment. The smell does not get recorded so we miss an essential fragment of the whole spectrum....meaning that the places where poor people live are really not the best on offer. So much money has been "spent" on "war" or "sickcure" ity that I wonder why no Poorlitisham ever thought about declaring a fullscale operation against poorness. They have their own way of doing that...and it consists of getting a little more dust into the pockets...but by the time it comes, the cost of everything is since in space and the problem was never solved...or indeed intended to be. I've heard about so many mega concerts for Africa and this aid that aid for the sufferahs but last time I check, the situation never change....instead, is more and deadlier killing tools that coming the way of the rebels or the well rationed and people just there waiting to die....refugee camp business. It's as though that's how it's supposed to be...we can sing a million songs about it, but it seems to be falling on deaf ears...Top Rock boys already do and try all kinda things, but to no avail...what's keeping everything back?

I've never heard of a battle that was lost because troops were hungry and were "beaten" by the other side....The suffering refugee camp residents are eagerly waiting for the day when the official announcement will be made.....that the war has been declared and that poverty will be relegated to the history more budget for the boys plus all the accessories that go with that and we wonder why the mongers crying broke...they doh brokes no brokes!!! If a bank doh have dust then where it go? It's not funny when you hear of the (?)illions that the fat boys deal with...and some have problems just to eat for today....lots of folks cannot envisage that situation because fridge full and the vibes still rolling...still for all be careful, things have a way of happening and we always regret when not prepared....Peeps...good times are coming but it seems that pangs are on the way...a little comfort can also come with the knowledge that everything is just for a time.





Yes I....greetings. I had an idea to find out how many people knew about artists/music from their homeland and was surprised to discover that lots of folks know about other folks music but not so much about their "own" people especially when it comes to identifying recordings that were not necessarily hits, or, widely popular. I invited two candidates to take part in from Germany and another from Dominica. For obvious reasons, we will refer to them as "Mani" from Germany, and "Mini", from Dominica. So I began with Mini and strted to play some music. It should also be noted that I played only cassettes because CDs or LPs would give clues away and I wanted them to be concentrated on listening...... So who you think it is?...Well it sounding like reggae from DA, but the singer have me beaten there.....wait wait..I know the group's name but the singer...ah ah..Ice? Liquid Ice? You right is them, but you doh remember the singer's name? I think is Tony something...Yes man...Tony Valmond...Nice song they recorded in Gwada by Debs..track entitled "the wicked ones". Yes I remember now but they played more kandans than reggae that's why I was kinda stumped at the begining. O.K. we take another one?...Yes I....(music playing).....who's that there? can you figure that one out? take me sounding like almost get it....could it be Swinging Stars? Yes man is Stars dat dere wee....The song is about Four Corners...a spot in Roseau between Carib and Arawak cinemas where guys used to hang out....first time I hearing dat...yes man, Stars around long time...Now is Mani's turn and I select something rockfolkish....What? He singing in Deutsch but I wonder...hey man he from Germany...De accent least you know is a man so whom do you think it is?....hard to say man.That kind of music is not really my style...o.k. but mister appearing on T.V. and have his share of "fans".....Let me guess..Jahcoustix?... No way but you tracking good already....I know is not is not Gronn...well, it's the famous Heino...what!?!?!..yes is him....I was not really expecting that one...well, he's an artist, and iis German..the song in question was "Schwarz Braun is die Haselnuss". O.K...another one? Allright... (music playing...)...No idea....any reggaeband from anywhere....they sing in German....o.k. but there are zillions out there....want to guess?.....That's too hard....O.K. they call themselves "Schwarzbunt" and claim to be a Rock/Reggae band....I didden hear no reggae...Me too....They just write anything...

Ras kal