by Tcha T
Yo!!! in this 25th year of its 'occupation'; rebuilding and existence, Tommy House has seen and heard quite a lot within its walls. In previous issues, R.V. attemped to give readers an outsight inthru the runnings and doings at the house on Wilhelm Str.9. Endless photos and quite a few films have been made of this building, and here we must pay silent respect to the artist who gave that house its image/look. Rest peacefully...Dorny....Since looks can always be deceiving, one may look outside and expect to find certain types inside, but that's exactly the case. To complicate things, people may 'look' in a certain way, but it is sooner or later realised that the house population represents a more or less perfect reflection of Berlin's and indeed contemporary Germany's 'resident'. Despite the normal human frictions that occasionally come up when 'types' live together, the folks at TWH are aware of a common bond that keeps them together in the face of countless odds.

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by Mala
'Creole' is French for indigenous; In Senegal, the word is Kriolo or in Spanish Criollo which means 'native'. To some people, the actual word Creole means a person of mixed. During the period of slavery many Africans, mostly from the West got exported to the Americas. Along with those who remained within West Africa, these were the first of the European colonisers, had pursued a policy of genetically mixing with the Africans. The offsprings of the Portugues and the Afro-Caribbean connection learned their parents' pidgin in the absence of a common language. Through the passage of time and as is true in language development, this pidgin which is nobody' s true language evolved to become Antillian Creole as it exists today. In 1778, the chain of islands including Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique and St. Lucia belonged to the same colonial power, France. Worldwide, there are at least eleven (11) million Creole speakers and as far as the Caribbean chain of islands is concerned, this is the 'tongue' that is most widely used......from Louisiana, U.S.A. to French Guyana (Cayenne) on the South American mainland and including Haiti, St. Maarten, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, St. Lucia, parts of Grenada and Trinidad.
Rootical Vibes Mag
Vol. 3 \\ III/98
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Yes , greetings to one and all. nuff tings a go on since last issue and I'm sure that there's still more to come. We ain't seen nothin' yet!! Passings, comings and goings.... our co-editor left us for higher heights. Rest irie...A.D.....Nuff respect still.....The music scene has been steadily flowing on with crucial arguments coming from both ends after certain artists' performances were classified as ' not being a true projection of what rasta/reggae should be up to in the 90's '. It will take hectares of print to fully cover such as heated issue. Black history month passed with lots of speeches and workshops mostly on a purely educative level. Is that all? Some discussions were even off limits to non blacks or non browns.....Don't's true and serious!!!!! Tommy House celebrated its 25th year of 'occupation' and the public had a chance to learn a little more of its past, be immersed in its actual presence and go home to ponder about its ultimate fate. Concertwise, most of the 'names' passed through and delivered...special mention must be made of Muta (what's in the Umbrella?), Wailers, Lucky Dube, Buju to name of few but big respect to all who passed!! Well attended shows that prove that berlin does indeed have a massive reggae'. Finally we public....but they also like "good" reggae and not just cheap imitations wrtapped in its gold and green. They like to 'feel the Spiritmay be hearing about war and rumours of war because man can not communicate.....properly......Too many languages!! If everybody understood everyone else, then maybe there would be a better chance of clearing up our difficulties. Sometimes and in some places, 'bad' can mean 'good'. Language is a key that unlocks secrets about lots of things. we will introduce our readers to a little known but widely spoken language, Kweyol. Its history, use and character, will make interesting reading for foreign language buffs.


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by Ahriri

This one is for the fact I an I want to show the hows and whys of the behaviour of certain sistrens who claim to look for Jah through his messengers.
Nuff idren get 'checked' either by the 'bluefoot' or by the blue eyes just because they have locks and the longer the locks the more the beholders' often hazy misconceptions haunt and prompt them into keeping away or getting into direct confrontation/contact with the I.
Some get easily lured into the snare of cooing and wooing members of the (un)fairer sex and when he's been won over, the next move is to look for other fish to fry. Then we see the symbol of the (?) who knows and been through most of the dreads etc etc. It would never have been so had it not been for the laxness of the I's who just let themselves be bowled over.
Man and man must help the lost sisters who just want to see and participate in the lesser joys of life.

Rootical Vibes Mag
Vol. 3 \\ III/98
by DR.O.T. Yoe-Zott

Yes I, nowadays lots of addresses have not only street and tel/fax, but a new thing called e or electronic mailing address with slashes and dots. To those who surf regularly or browse only now and then and are a little familiar with Computer lingo, here comes the latest and greatest Internet. The way I an I check that internet thing is that it shows how far things are going or at least how far they've gone. You have to be at home (or have her on your lap) with your cat (or mouse) and then you're able to surf the world. Isn't it better to check the world for itself or by itself instead of checking what people put? Lots of ads!! All or most artists today have their 'page' and one can spend the rest of one's life reading or uploading plenty discinformation (sic) into the mind. Internet banking!!! ....and just now you're going to hear about the "great online holdup" and things like that. Online arrests will become the order of the day!!!! The only thing that people never wnat to know or browse about is the Internet itself. How does it work? Home Page? Download? Up must be empty! So while it's always good to have the latest and greatest at our fingertips, I an I tread these roads carefully. Next thing will be the !virtual reality' devices to make us imagine anything. It's still too early to go into writing about these things because they ain't too rampant yet and it's just a matter of time before they become part

and parcel of our 'have to live with' gadgets. As some scientiefs claim, man can start making copies (clones) already, and it "much easier than sheep" or whatever. It sounds like a joke but we heading into serious territory there. We can cool out by thinking and meditating about how come mostly everything has a computer connection. Any office, (airline,post) to mention two, must be equipped with this "monster". Is there something that man does today that don't have a computer connection? It's so already and already taken for granted already. So if all you ready, get ready for the next computer.

By the way it won't have the marks of Steven Employments or William Bigdoors on it......

by Mala

The Alphabet for Antillian Creole (Kweyol) is a mixure of French lexicon (words) and African syntax (sentence structure). Though this emergin language has been in complete usage in the islands of the Creole Antillesor the Carribean Basin for two hundred years, it has been until recently a mainly oral language. It is understandable that various systems oftranscription have emerged over the years. However, the most recently accepted and revised alphabet emanated out of two Creole orthography workshops held in St. Lucia in January 1981 and September 1982. This well integrated writing system has been developed through the co-ordinated efforts of individual researchers from the University of the West Indies, the Universite Antilles-Guyane, groups from St. Lucia, Dominica and the Group d'etude et de recherche en Espace Creolophone from Martinique and Guadeloupe. The alphabet has thirty-two letters. The letters "C", "Q", "V", and "X" have been dropped. "C" and "V" are used in combination as "ch" and "ou". The French accent acute and grave have been adopted with certain conventions such as hyphens, apostrophe, capitalization and features of punctuation. Thus the preparatory stage for lesson # 2 when we examine 'pronunciation', 'kweyol grammar', vowels, consonants and their combinations, and take a look at some coomon nouns...........
Rootical Vibes Mag
Vol. 3 \\ III/98
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TWH action week was unique opportunity for 'outsiders' to come in and see and hear for themselves. Most people are afraid of dogs and there are some big ones here, but they've not bad. Activities routinely pursued in this house by residents include Judo and Karate lessons on the 4th floor. This paper is written and editied on the third. On the 2nd and 1st floor are folks actively engaged in running the 'Saal' or Resto, and Cafe Linie 1 downstairs. On the 1st floor are two rooms specially designated to provide a night or temporary chillout for runaways, those in dire need of help and shelter, and most of all, those who need help to deal with administrative paperasse. On the darker side of house reality, some individuals exhibit a real sense of no concern towards the idea of sharing a common roof. But I suppose that the negative must exist in order that the positive may subsist...Since Jubilaum week however, things have returned to abnormal and here we must say big respect to all those who worked to make it work. In the next issue we will focus on the crucial question...What happens when the contract date comes up?.....X amount of years to go.

by Touloulou

Once anything becomes popular...why? maybe through proper advertising or the will of Jah, there is always the resulting rat rush to cash in and profit from whatever line of activity upon which that thing imposes itself. So, music is today bought and sold, and like all other 'goods', it is supposed to react to market forces...bla bla bla.....One does not have to study 'tiefconomics' to be able to repeat the jargon of so called intellectuals to try to prove a point. Promoting shows is risky bizness unless the dust is there flowing and touring brings along headaches galore. So with all the runnings up and down and what's been done and said, can we savely say that reggae music is now in the mainriver and that its creators duly get their due? I doubt it. Nuff shady business still go on and endless setbacks always manifest whenever the music is set poised to make some serious inroads. Big (you'll burst) companies sign up and down drop artists like you never ever know if they're still signed or not. Always the same story. Man and man must learn to do it from the roots and build a solid foundation or else the most sincere of efforts if not carefully nurtured with the guiding Inspiration of the Most High will be as vain as the petrol just bought for the car, with the money for which it was sold.

Rootical Vibes Mag
Vol. 3 \\ III/98
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The biggest difference
between men and boys is
the cost of their toys.

I handle fame by not being
famous..I'm not famous to
me. Bob Marley

JAH say that we are to find
ourself now in strong Inity.
One in ways, one in
doings, one in action,
one in all we
might fulltake within the
fullness of JAH glory.

If Mississippi gives
Missouri a new Jersey
what will Della Wear?
Answer: Alaska


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